V24.1.9, rtai.o hangs

Doug Abbott doug at intellimetrix.us
Thu Aug 15 21:26:59 CEST 2002


This is a topic that seems to recur on this list.  I started with a clean 
2.4.18 kernel, patched and built it with gcc 2.91.66 (I'm running Red Hat 
6.2).  Critical configuration parameters:
	Loadable module support
	No version information

The kernel seems to run OK.  Then I built RTAI.  Had to upgrade modutils to 
2.4.18.  Then I insmod rtai and the system hangs--completely!

A while back there was a hint on this mail list that the kernel had to be 
built with SMP support disabled.  Well, 2.4.18 won't build without SMP.

Any more ideas?  Should I go back to an earlier version of RTAI, one that 
hopefully works?


Doug Abbott

Computing for Science and Industry

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