RTAI help

Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnu.org
Mon Aug 19 01:06:17 CEST 2002

Andrea, I fear you should make a little experience with kernel programming
before you delve into RTAI.

You include user-space headers, and you should never do that. Also,
you should never have trailing semicolons in preprocessor definitions.
Besides, your task must loop by itself using rt_task_wait_period().

There are so many errors in your code that it isn't really worth
fixing.  You should try a different approach: don't write from
scratch, but run example code and use that as a starting point

Please forget the (dare I say "windows-like") attitude of reading
manuals and writing code from scratch guessing what the details
are. Here you have the real code to look at. And you often lack good
manuals as people has no time to write them.

> (just as you and the other members of the
> developing team made with the examples)

<blush> no, I haven't contributed to rtai code up to now.

> correctly) and a parse error in the program in the line containing the
> function nano2count.

That's the semicolon in the macro "sample".

> IMPORTANT: i do not get any ".o" file after compiling.

Sure. You got an error.

> I'll try to save the window of the compile messages in some file to send it
> to you.

It's not a window, it's standard output and standard error. You really
lack a lot of background in order to be proficient with RTAI. Please
work on that background first: get yourself "appunti di informatica
libera" by Daniele Giacomini, it's even a Debian package. Once you
feel confident with the system and with a little of kernel
programming, you'll find all RTAI problems are easily solved.

Sorry for looking rude, it's not my intention but I know it may look
like that.


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