[fusion] rt_intr_bind

Dmitry Adamushko dmitry.adamushko at datacon.at
Fri Aug 5 12:37:04 CEST 2005

Studencki Pawel <pawel.studencki at siemens.com> wrote on 05.08.2005 12:24:52:

> > > Can you see a registered interrupt object under your
> > specified name in
> > > /proc/rtai/register/interrupts?
> cat /proc/rtai/irq
> IRQ         CPU0
>   1:           1

Not this file. "/proc/rtai/register/interrupts" must contain a string like
"interrupt at N" (N == the second argument of rt_intr_create()). The exactly
same string should be passed to the rt_intr_bind().

If you don't see this file at all (after a moment when rt_intr_create() has
been called, of course), it means either the interrupt object has not been
properly created (see what rt_intr_create() returns) or the registry
support have not been configured in fusion (CONFIG_RTAI_OPT_NATIVE_REGISTRY

> Pawel

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