task cpu assignment

Rodrigo Amestica ramestic at nrao.edu
Fri Jul 1 14:25:55 CEST 2005

Paolo Mantegazza wrote:
>> My intention is to assign one task to the first cpu and another task 
>> to the second cpu. For doing so I use a masks that are set to 0x1 and 
>> 0x10, respectively. 
> No it must be 0/1 for for RTAI and 1/2 for Linux. You asked for cpu 0 
> and cpu 16.

Does this mean that independently to which cpu I want an rtai task to be 
assigned (dual cpu system) I should always read '0/1' for that task? 
This would mean that the CPU column will not tell me on which cpu the 
task is running.

I'm still confused with this. Why is that you introduced Linux into the 
picture? I'm assuming that I can have 2 rtai task running on different 
cpus; but your reply above somehow makes me think that in a dual cpu 
system I 'must' assign one cpu to rtai and the other for rtai.


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