RTAI debugging support

Jan Kiszka kiszka at rts.uni-hannover.de
Wed Jul 6 21:34:37 CEST 2005

NZG wrote:
> I'm getting ready to start a new RTAI project and need to figure out a 
> timeline.
> Part of this project will involve bringing up a debugging environment. 
> I was hoping someone could give me a brief description of where the RTAI 
> project stands here, before I start diggin in too deeply. I
> Essentially I would like to be able to debug an lxrt application remotely(via 
> gdbserver) , on an x86 system.

Are you just taking about userspace rt-debugging or also kernel debugging?

> How well is this supported?
> How well is this supported in the old RTHAL environments vrs. the new Adeos 
> environments?

Regarding userspace: LXRT up to RTAI 3.2 faced problems with signal
handling which prevented gdb to run. I heard that magma has been revised
in this regard, but I never tested it (I guess Paolo can say more).
Under fusion, userspace rt-programs work perfectly with gdb and friends.
E.g., I once wrote and debugged a rt-app completely under Eclipse with
C-plugin :).

Regarding kernelspace: You either need to merge some debugger (kdb,
kgdb, etc.) with Adeos. I once managed this for an old 2.4-kernel and
ancient RTHAL, but I would not start new work on RTHAL debugging
anymore. The other option I just recently discussed with Philippe again
is to build a debugger on top of the Adeos model, i.e. just like RTAI as
an Adeos domain. It will certainly require some work, but I think it
would be warmly welcome, especially once this debugger will only require
the Adeos patch to be applied to the kernel...


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