cvs magma and hal-linux-2.4.30-i386-r18c1.patch comments

Paolo Mantegazza mantegazza at
Fri Jul 8 11:47:36 CEST 2005

Rus V. Brushkoff wrote:
> :>  1. The rtai_up module has undefined symbol do_signal, while
> :> USE_LINUX_SYSCALL is undefined in the base/include/asm-i386/rtai_lxrt.h
> :> (by default in the current cvs).
> :
> :With magma there is a must: use just ADEOS patches coming with it. If
> :that is done and the missing symbol remain than I've done something
> :strange in my commits.
>  All the comments are related to the adeos patch coming with magma cvs. By
> the way it is placed in unusual dir base/ instead of usual
> base/arch/i386/patches/.
> :>  2. In base/include/rtai_nam2num.h lines 58 and 106 the unsigned sizeof
> :> value is compared with signed variables which produces compiler warnings.
> :
> :I'll look at the above more closely as I've no such warnings and "cvs
> :diff -r HEAD" shows no differences between my copy and the official one.
> :Thanks.
>  Yes, such warnings someone can see if magma compiled with gcc 3.4.x, I
> guess you use gcc-3.3.x, so you do not see these warnings - the type of
> sizeof is _always_ unsigned.

That's correct, I'm on 3.x. Can you send me the fixes for 3.4?


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