kernel 2.6.12

Ignacio García Pérez iggarpe at
Thu Jul 14 18:43:48 CEST 2005

Hannes Mayer wrote:

> Ignacio García Pérez wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm currently using RTAI-3.2 together with kernel 2.6.10. For several
>> reasons I would like to migrate to 2.6.12. My question is, what is
>> the current state of RTAI + 2.6.12.  I've seen the corresponding
>> patch in the magma latest cvs snapshot, but would like to stick to a
>> stable version. Any clues much appreciates.
> There is already a stable Adeos patch (r11) for 2.6.12.
> So if you use RTAI 3.2 in piped mode (default) you can use the vanilla
> Adeos patch. But if you use 3.2 in immed mode, you need to adjust the
> vanilla Adeos patch (only a few lines - compare a vanilla Adeos patch
> to one supplied by RTAI (same kernel version and Adeos release).
> Best regards,
> Hannes.
I tried the vanilla Adeos patch on 2.6.12 and the current cvs magma, and
didn't work. Some undefined symbols when loading the RTAI HAL module.

So this is what I did:

1- Unpack vanilla kernel 2.6.12 and patch it with vanilla adeos patch r11c2.

2- Unpack vanilla kernel 2.6.12 and patch it with the hal patch r11c2
that is in magma CVS.

3- diff those two kernel trees to get a patch describing the differences
between the vanilla adeos patch and the one that comes with RTAI.

4- Unpack vanilla kernel 2.6.12 and patch it with valinna adeos patch
r11, then patch it with the patch obtanied in step 3.

After that, still one symbol missing: __ack_APIC_irq. But I've
investigated it and seems to be a problem not related to Adeos.

Anyway, I'm not comfortable fiddling with adeos and kernel withou really
knowing the internals, so I would appreciate a hal patch from adeos
2.6.12-r11 build by the usual suspects :-)


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