RTAI Fusion on ARM

Marco Cavallini rtai at koansoftware.com
Thu Jul 28 19:48:10 CEST 2005

> I've been reading in the list archives about the work being done to port 
> Fusion/Adeos to ARM.
> Here at the Cambridge University Engineering Department we are developing 
> some projects using the Balloon Board <http://www.balloonboard.org> 
> currently using the Strongarm 1110 on the Balloon Board V2, but soon(ish) 
> a PXA27x on the Balloon Board V3
> What is the current status of the port, and is there anything we can do to 
> help?

Unfortunately this question is becoming a FAQ:

>> Hi all
>>   What is the current status of RTAI/fusion in ARM platform.Is there any 
>> documents regarding this???I searched for this but I cant find any 
>> details.It was given that RTAI/fusion 0.8 support for ARM can be expected 
>> in middle June???where i can get the details...
>The status is that this port is currently stalled. Lack of time, only 24 
>hours per day, no more than one week-end per week. Very unfortunate.

However AFAIF some people in Milan Politecnico University
was working on that, and I have no loger heard them :-(

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