how to be packet generator

Wolfgang Köbler wk-list at
Wed Jun 8 18:32:26 CEST 2005


On 02-Jun-2005 gu xianhong wrote:
> I am a beginner. I only want to use RT-net to generate UDP-packets every 
> millisecond(unicast and broadcast). I think some one have the similar 
> application. Would some people kind to send me or tell me where I can find 
> it. If it is difficult to do so , would some people like to tell me some 
> functions of RTnet and RTAI that I must used to do this work.
I think that should not be too unusual, as I will probably need this, too.
Unfortunately I can not provide you any solution, as I have not started to
work on this problem yet.

The RTnet homepage is .

On the RTAI-Wiki you can find it at

A dedicated Mailinglist, inclusive archive is available at

And the example directory from the RTnet-Homepage:

I think the function process in
e/client/rt_client.c does what you want ?

Or in userspace (lxrt) the example
should do what you want when you put line 99 in a loop. Right ?


PS: I would be interested if you were successfull and how difficult it was.

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