Characteristic calls

lanas lanas at
Thu Jun 9 12:09:01 CEST 2005

Hi all,

  Yet another newbie (vague ?) question !  When compared to a standard
kernel module, to what extent modifications have to be made in order to
support the specific RTAI/fusion API ?  For instance, are calls
lexically the same as regular calls, say, for queue usage ? Or the other
way around, can a module written to take advantage of RTAI/fusion be
considered as mostly a foreigner compared to a standard Linux kernel or
are the changes rather minimal, possibly handled by a script nad/or sed
commands ?

  Optimization is surely another matter.  The context I'm describing
here is a simple port, a kind of trying it out to see if at least it
compiles and runs basically type of thing, in a short matter of time.
Any suggestions ?

  On another topic, if I got this right, LXRT enables writing hard
real-time tasks in user space instead of kernel modules, is that right ?
Does it possibly obsoletes the writing of kernel modules for real-time
purpose ?  Is it included in the RTAI package ?

Thanks !


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