Common Driver Model for RTAI

Jan Kiszka kiszka at
Thu Jun 30 16:52:00 CEST 2005

Ivan Raikov wrote:
>        Have you considered extending this interface to support data
> acquisition drivers as well? It would be nice to integrate the Comedi
> interface, or at least some reasonable subset of it.  Or are you
> limiting RTDM only to POSIX-style I/O and sockets?

I just recently checked again the Comedi design: under plain linux, 
comedi also goes the ioctl path down to the kernel. On top of that 
interface you have the comedilib (or so) to access the services without 
learning IOCTL codes and parameters.

I think there should be no reason why this is not applicable to the 
real-time domain with the help of RTDM as well. Actually, it should make 
the comedi code easier with respect to maintaining rt and non-rt part. 
Maybe David or Frank are also listening and can comment on this. I would 
be curious to know their thoughts.


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