Jan Kiszka jan.kiszka at web.de
Tue Aug 1 07:49:26 CEST 2006

PL Fnhng wrote:
> Hi Paolo,
> Would you mind explain how to set up a proxy to support usage of Linux
> sockets & data exchange using RTAI in details?
> I used RTNet on Linux 2.4.32 with RTAI to develop UDP streamer,
> which succeeds to send the UDP packets with 500 microseconds period.

To hold such a frequency reliably, especially on 2.4, you need RTnet.

> In this project, two programs are developed and executed simultaneously.
> (1)  Using while-loop to write the data, which reads from file, to RTAI scb
> (shared circular buffer),
> (2)  UDP streamer reads the data from the scb and then send out the UDP
> packet via RTnet API in hard real-time
> After executing few times of these two programs, the whole system hangs.
> Any suggest to fix this problem?

In 9 of 10 cases there is an IRQ conflict between the RT-NIC and some
non-RT Linux device. Check what the RTnet driver reports on loading
(dmesg) vs. /proc/interrupts (see recent thread on the rtnet-users list
for possible solutions).


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