Syncronization problem in rtmain.c and scicos test

Gianluca Palli gpalli at
Wed Aug 9 10:44:15 CEST 2006

Hi Roberto

i found a problem in the realtime applications generated both from 
matlab7/simulink/rtw and scilab-4.0/scicos with rtai-3.3 

During the first run of the application after the rtai modules loading, all 
works fine, but at any subsequent run the application seems to be blocked 
before the resuming of the rt_BaseRate task. I think the problem is in which 
task is running after the rt_send/rt_receive calls (may be a bug?).

I solved the problem replacing  the syncronization between the rt_Main task 
and rt_BaseRate made by means of rt_send and rt_receive with a semaphore based 

I send you the modified rtmain.c

Another problem is in the test.cos example: to compile this example  correctly 
i replaced the rtai blocks with the corresponding ones from the RTAI-Lib 
palette. It seems the blocks in the example come from an older version of the 

Best Regards


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