Can't find run scripts in testsuite

bogao gao_b at
Tue Aug 22 15:54:28 CEST 2006

When you config the rtai with "make menuconfig" or "make gconfig" or 
"make xconfig", did you check if the testsuite is enabled or not?
Stienen, A.H.A. (CTW) wrote:

> Weren't they 'hidden'? Try ls -la in the directories to see the 
> .runinfo's.
> Arno.
> Ivan Martinez wrote:
>> Sorry for insisting, but I really need to get RTAI working soon. I
>> have tried with gcc 3.4.6 and compiling in a separated directory tree,
>> but it didn't make any difference. Is there any other way of testing
>> my installation?. Can anyone send me a "run" script, so I can figure
>> out how to load modules and make examples work?. Thank you.
>> Ivan Martinez
>>> Hello all,
>>> I have installed RTAI 3.3 in kernel with gcc 4.0.3 in a 
>>> Kubuntu
>>> distro. I think everything went fine, but I can't run the testsuite 
>>> examples
>>> because I can't see any "run" scripts. Have I done something wrong?.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Ivan Martinez
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