Arcnet drivers

NZG ngustavson at
Mon Jan 30 16:54:30 CET 2006

> While I am spamming the mailing list, I thought I would start another
> thread about questions I have on arcnet card drivers. The problem is I
> am just about clueless when it comes to Linux and device drivers to
> begin with (I am a native windows programmer). 

I don't know much about Arcnet, but IMHO Orocos seems to be a more popular 
choice for open robot control.
(If someone disagree's here please set me straight, I'm just getting into this 
field myself)

I wrote a short ppt presentation on this, which you can have if you like, but 
it's dated since it relies solely on published works.

You are probably best off going there and getting it straight from their html 

As far as Linux  device drivers go, the best place to start is here:

good luck,

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