proper interrupt handling

Petr Danecek danecek at
Mon Jul 3 08:48:59 CEST 2006


> You are using "main" as the interrupt handler which is not the right thing 
> to do. You have to create a specific thread (or tasklet) to perform as 
> interrupt service routine. 
> Have you had a look at the 2 examples in: showroom/v3.x/user/i386/usi? 

admittedly, i have found the examples in the showroom tree only after i
have made previous post. I was not able to get my program working even
with the help of the examples. Attached is the rtai core of the code.

Sorry for bothering, i have no experience with this kind of programming
and the documentation assumes that one already knows many things. 
Thanks for your response.
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