More FIFO issues

James Buckle coyoteboyuk at
Fri Jul 7 01:56:35 CEST 2006

Ive given up trying to use the signals that are supposed to be fired by the 
FIFO when it has info PUT on it so i decided to use a second process running 
in parallel with my userspace program to read the data in, protected by a 
mutex. The application and all processes/threads run fine until i try to 
execute a read on the opened FIFO - at this point linux and the user space 
app hangs but the interrupt handling kernel module runs on as normal. System 
has to be rebooted etc :-(

I tried reading the fifo from commandline without the app running and it did 
the same.

Anyone with experience ? My module any app are similar in execution to the 
first example at Would 
shared mem be an option instead of fifo, in a manner similar to the second 

Many thanks,

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