rt_mbx_send_timed() giving error ??

Ashish Chopra xplorer_24 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 17 03:35:30 CEST 2006

I am upgrading an application which is using Linux Message que in turn this RTAI API 
 SendError = rt_mbx_send_timed(Mbox, &WorkBuffer[0], pmqId->MsgQInfo.MailboxMessageSize + sizeof(MSG_HEADER_SIZE), nano2count(delay_in_ns));
  MboxS 1179685 and size 24 timeout 2000000000

  Problem I am facing is I am getting -1 return which corresponds to invalid mail box but then I can see the creation of mail box and then it is opened in the program which latter use this above API to send data what else could go wrong which is causing this error. 
  Below is the snapshot of whats happening for reference
  Start Dialog with Resource
CreateMbx 1114147
Message Q create SendID 3
CreateMbx 1179685
Message Q create RCVID 3
OpenMbx 983071
Connection kernel msg que success for ID 3
MboxSend 983071 and size 28 timeout 705032704
Return 0
Send msg to kernel cnx Id -1073742776
Wait to receive till timeout for connection ID 3
SRV read message from Connection ID 3
Start Dialog
Request to start dialog received .....
OpenMbx 1179685
Open Start dialog message que to send msg for ID 3
Message queue for dialog open successfull
SRV: New connection : Client 4010 - Server 2
OpenMbx 1114147
Open start dialog message queue to receive message at ID 3
Message que open successfull for dialog sending data of size 24
Sending message for dialog to Connection ID 3
MboxSend 1179685 and size 24 timeout 2000000000
Return -1
LNX msg Q4
Error in message queue to start dialog
SRV: End connection

  Any help will be appreciated.

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