looking for doc/exemple regarding rtai_signal functionality

franck mignet fcmnl at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 19 17:06:51 CEST 2006

 Being a new user of RTAI, I was looking at how to use signal functionality (as described in rtai_signal.h such as rt_request_signal and rt_trigger_signal. 
 Can anyone point out at documents and/or exemples of us of these functions?
 In particular, I tried to use the signal_handler function in 
     rt_task_init(&MyTask, /* pointer to task struct */
             myTaskFunction, /* function to be called */
             0, /*initial data value */
             2000, /* stack size */
             2, /* prority */
             0, /* task does not use fpu */
             &handleSignal /* task HAS a signal handler */
 expecting that handleSignal would work in a similar way as an Interrupt handler.
 However this does not seems to be the case, since handleSignal is called every time the task is resumed...
 Anybody has an opinion on this?
 Thanks in advance
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