Problems getting RTAI to not crash

Calin A. Culianu calin at
Mon Jul 24 16:14:09 CEST 2006

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006, Paolo Mantegazza wrote:

> Calin A. Culianu writes:
>>  Why is RTAI so difficult to get working right?  I have been wrestling with
>>  it for a few days now and it seems to produce kernel crash messages
>>  whenever I run the testsuite and my machine is under load.
>>  I have tried:
>>  - 3.4-test1 on 2.6.17 UP
>>  - 3.3 release on 2.6.15 UP
>>  Both produce kernel messages about page faults, bad page, etc.  Most of
>>  these errors can be triggered by reading tons of data off the HD while
>>  running the testsuite (kernel or user, bother create problems) or by
>>  making the computer swap like mad.
>>  I tried Local APIC and XT-Pic versions of my kernel and both seems to work
>>  equally badly.
>>  What gives?  I would like very much to use RTAI but the ease with which it
>>  crashes on my various machines makes me nervous.  Do you guys test RTAI
>>  extensively?  Does anyone else have stability issues?
>>  I am beginning to get quite exhasperated and any help is appreciated,
>>  including tips and gotchas with respect to building the kernel and
>>  configuring RTAI. 
> How much RAM are you using? 
> Paolol.

Well I have 1GB RAM and using like 3GB total between physical and swap. 
There is a kernel crash very soon after I fill up physical RAM and the 
kernel starts swapping.


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