x86_64, ADEOS, 2.6.15 kernel

Jim Pisano jpisano at nrao.edu
Sat Jul 29 22:45:43 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I am interested in running RTAI on the following combination:

- Opteron SMP with 64-bit Linux (RedHat)
- x86_64 kernel

The current release, 3.3, doesn't include x86_64 support and the magma 
release seems to only have a kernel patch file for 2.6.10. Is there work 
being done by someone to support this combination?

We are currently running RTAI 3.3 in i386 mode for the Opterons and we 
would like to utilize the 64-bit mode of these computers for our data 
processing needs.


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