outb() and hard-realtime

Malte Witt malte.witt at sieb-meyer.de
Wed Jun 21 13:58:33 CEST 2006

Hi again,

I hate replying myself, but I reread your question and noticed, that I 
misunderstood it in first place. outb() will not put you in soft mode, if 
you have the correct permissions.


rtai-admin at rtai.org schrieb am 21.06.2006 13:18:24:

> > I'd like to call outb() from inside the cycle of a LXRT hard-
> > realtime task in userspace, to toggle a pin on the parallel port. I 
> > wonder if doing so will force my task in soft-realtime. 
> Did you use ioperm, (or iopl) correctly before using outb() and inb()???
> Regards,
> Malte
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