insmod error - Invalid Parameters

Paolo Mantegazza mantegazza at
Wed Jun 21 15:26:35 CEST 2006

Tabish Mustufa wrote:
> RTAI Folk:
> I spent most of this past weekend trying to install an RTAI+comedi setup
> on a new Linux box, and ran into an issue reported here a few weeks
> back... when I try to insert the rtai_lxrt module, it fails with an
> "Invalid parameters" error, and the following shows up in dmesg:
> rtai_lxrt: falsely claims to have parameter OneShot
> This is on a Fedora Core 5 system using a vanilla kernel and the
> only 2.6.16 kernel patch included with RTAI 3.3cv.  I was able to get
> around the problem by downgrading to, and using the appropriate
> patch for that kernel.
> Some Googling around indicates this problem is related to a module
> configuration interface which has been deprecated in 2.6.16 kernels. 
> Potentially, this is only a gcc 4.0+ problem, as a colleague here had no
> problems with kernel + RTAI 3.3cv on a Debian (gcc 3.3) system. 
> However, I have no real idea about such things, so I can only guess what's
> wrong.
> Is this something you guys can fix?  My system is up and running, so it's
> not a priority for me, but there's been a couple postings to this list
> about it, and knowing what I know now would have saved me about a half
> dozen kernel compiles... ;-)

Well I've resisted it as far as it has been possible.

Now it is becoming a MUST beginning with 2.6.17. In fact such a kernel 
has locked that depracted feature off for ever, so it has become a 
compulsory upgrade.

I've still to decide what to do, in the simplest way possible. Recall 
there is the need to keep it compatible with 2.4.xx also. 2.4.xx has a 
limited support for module parm declaration "a la 2.6.xx", so maybe it 
will not take too long an annoying work to change the 120 (or so) 
MUDULE_PARMs scattered around RTAI.


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