Patch for arch-arm imx

Torsten Koschorrek koschorrek at
Tue Jun 27 18:01:07 CEST 2006


I've ported rtai to our iMXL (ARM-Architecture). The port, including an
adeos-patch and a patch to rtai-3.2, is not finished yet, but I'm able
to start RTAI on our machine.

I'll submit my adeos and rtai patches in the next two mails. Comments
are welcome!

My current setup is:
linux kernel 2.6.7-vanilla + imx-patch

Here are some general notes and problems:

- At the moment I'm able to compile and load all modules, except
rtai_msg.ko (symbols missing, don't know why!)

- Unloading of rtai_lxrt.ko/rtai_up.ko crashes system. Maybe the same
problem is discussed in the last days in this ML?

- latency_rt.ko is running in period mode. oneshot-mode is not supported
now, but the calculated latencies seem to be wrong (looks like an
overflow error):
RTAI Testsuite - UP latency (all data in nanoseconds)
RTH|    lat min|    lat avg|    lat max|   overruns|  freq.cntr
RTD| 1000000000| -164455680| 1983027968|          0|          2
RTD|  171088640|-1070425344| 1983027968|          0|          2
RTD| -500000000|  741513984| 1983027968|          0|          2

- compile errors using a newer gcc (gcc-3.4.2)


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