R: problems starting RTAI before X server

Gianni Verra gverra at gioveonline.it
Sat Oct 20 11:34:31 CEST 2007

It happened also to me with kernel 2.6.14 or 2.6.17 and RTAI 3.1 or 3.5.
The reason was an incorrect configuration of the hardware in the kernel.

The last time we had this problem was when we try to run in a 1.8 GHz CPU a
kernel with RTAI builded for a 650 MHz with a different graphics interface.
We rebuilded it with the correct configuration and the problem disappered.


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Oggetto: problems starting RTAI before X server

I'm working on an installation with:
rtai 3.4 cv
kernel 2.6.16

I noticed this:
-if I load RTAI modules before starting X server the I go in a lot of
problem :freezing the window manager, not loading the X server and a lot of
time the only cure is to reboot;

-if I start the X server, open an xterm and load the RTAI modules everything
works ok.

Is there an explanation of that?
Does it happens on other versions of RTAI and kernel?

Thank you to all.
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