[Rtai] About RTAI suppport for ARM(AT91SAM9263)

Torsten Koschorrek devel at koschorrek.com
Sun Dec 6 19:04:22 CET 2009

Torsten Koschorrek wrote:
> Hello,
> 付言华 wrote:
>> Dear Sir,
>>        I knew of the information  related to latency  of rtai on ARM from
>> the below, which comes from
>>  http://mail.rtai.org/pipermail/rtai/2007-July/017689.html<http://mail.rtai.org/pipermail/rtai/2007-July/017689.html> 
>>        Hence, I want to confirm that from you. That is, how is the 
>> rea-time
>> of RTAI on AT91sam926x no, and can it be used in real time application?
> The cited mail was the first release of the patch. The rtai version was 
> 3.5cv IIRC and the kernel 2.6.20. The latest is kernel- and 
> rtai-3.7.1. So there might be some enhancements in performance (might 
> be, because I can't say for sure, I don't have any at91 hardware).
> I suggest to give it a try and do some performance measurements yourself 
> (from ml I see, you're already trying). It depends on your needs if it's 
> usable or not.

This is from https://www.rtai.org/RTAICONTRIB/README :

4)  RTAI-magma-AT91.patch from Adeneo ...

... it is a working release that is known to have pretty low
real time latencies now. ...

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