[Rtai] Porting SocketCAN to RTAI

Paolo Mantegazza mantegazza at aero.polimi.it
Wed Sep 7 14:17:57 CEST 2011

Robert Rasche wrote:
> Hello,
> Im currently making a busmaster tool for a CANopen application. We want a very precise bus-cycle
> and need realtime capabilities for that, Which is why we use RTAI.
> We use the Peak-PCI CAN-Adapter. It ships with chardev drivers for RT-systems (RTAI or Xenomai).
> However we also want to use the network-device approach with SocketCAN. Now there is a SocketCAN
> port for Xenomai and imho it relies solely on rtdm functionality. Now my question is: Is it easy
> to port either SocketCAN or Xenomai RTSocketCAN driver for the Peak-device to RTAI, and how would
> i go about doing that. I'm rather inexperienced with drivers.

I think they are based on the RTDM substrate support. If so it should 
work almost unchanged. The only real work of the port should be in 
providing a link from standard UNIX file names to their indexing within 


> Can you point me somewhere or do you see an alternative to porting the driver.
> regards
> Robert Rasche
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