[Rtai] Resolved: patched Kernel hangs at early boot time

Friedemann Bunjes friedemann.bunjes at uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Sep 19 08:13:10 CEST 2011


>> After patching it with rtai-3.8.1/base/arch/x86/patches/hal-linux- the boot hangs at the very beginning with a black screen (and cursor). /var/log/messages contains no very useful information (see below).
> https://mail.rtai.org/pipermail/rtai/2011-August/024687.html
> Any chance you're seeing this problem?
> After applying the patch mentioned there, hal-linux- worked fine for me on Ubuntu 10.04.

thanks for the hint.
I solved the problem by using a kernel config I found here:
(see Attachment)

Seems, that the correct configuration solves (?) the problem.

All the best,


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