[Rtai] RTAI on ARM

Torsten Koschorrek devel at koschorrek.com
Sun Mar 4 17:05:51 CET 2012

Hello Leonardo,

Leonardo Passos wrote:
> Hello,
> In this meantime i made some advances:
> I get the last RTAI (3.9-test2) that comes with a good README in ARM, so i
> visited adeos website and got it working on

Yes, you found it out by yourself ;-) The patches are for ** 
and NOT 2.6.20.

> In a next step, i downloaded (in adeos website) the patch for 2.6.31 that i
> could adapt for the custom kernel (2.6.31-rc3 + some patches) that i made
> for my kit (SAM9-L9260). Now i only need is to adapt the last patch for
> 2.6.31, but it don't looks to be a simple work since many things appear to
> be changed.
> Can you give me some help? What i must study in order to understand how to
> make a new patch?

Basically there are two possibilities. First you could port step by step 
via other kernel versions which means that there are not that many 
changes as between and 2.6.31. The second possibility is to 
use the 2.6.31 patches for x86 and add what you need for your board.

In any case a good start is to understand what has to be done for AT91. 
You could study the differences between the original 
adeos/ipipe patch and the modified ones for AT91.

Note, that you most probably have to patch the ARM part in RTAI, too.

And keep an eye on magma CVS. I'll add a small ARM porting guide soon 
and I'm thinking of doing some cleanup and patch work in the ARM part in 
the near future.

Hope this helps a little bit!


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