[Rtai] About RTAI for Linux 3.x

Paolo Mantegazza mantegazza at aero.polimi.it
Wed Feb 27 16:32:31 CET 2013


for those interested.
We have finally set up a full making of RTAI for Linux 3.5.7 in MAGMA CVS.
At the moment it is very rough and dirty, though it does something 
already, i.e. executes the test cases that are distributed with RTAI.
Be warned that it is all within the to be unified arch directory x86, 
but it is just for X86_32-i386 at the moment.
If you want to try it use Linux-3.5.7 and patch it with the patch found 
in "base/arch/x86/patches/hal-linux-3.5.7-x86-3.patch, make them all and 
try the testsuite.

Let us know what happens.


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