comedi and rtai 3.1

Jonathan Costa Bettencourt jbetten at
Fri Oct 1 14:52:56 CEST 2004

On Friday 01 October 2004 08:25 am, Peter Dettori wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to build rtai-3.1-test5 with comedi support.  I have comedi
> comedi-0.7.68 and comedilib-0.7.21 installed.

Before I start I want to make something clear. The Comedi support that exists 
in RTAI ala rtai-addons/comedi is for Comedi support within an LXRT task. If 
you just want Comedi to use realtime interrupts or want to use comedi in a 
kernel space realtime task then you should ignore all that Comedi stuff in 
the RTAI distribution.

Also it is important to note that comedi-0.7.68 doesn't have ADEOS support. So 
it might be easier to use Comedi from CVS.

> Here are the steps I had to follow to get it working:
> 1. cerate links in /usr/local/comedi to get the config (make menuconfig)
> to work.
> 2. Then there were a few compile errors in the rtai-addons/comedi
> directory which I got around by commenting some functions out of the
> function entry table declared kcomedi-module.c.  See diffs below, which
> also include modification for comedi.h inclusion in the header.

Yeah... you can't do that... the problem you are having here is a common one, 
and as far as I can tell an undocumented one. It looks like you are pointing 
your link to your Comedilib headers, which is unfortunately not right. 
Instead you want to use the headers from the Comedi source package.


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