comedi and rtai 3.1

Peter Dettori dettori at
Fri Oct 1 15:00:06 CEST 2004

Jonathan Costa Bettencourt wrote:
> On Friday 01 October 2004 08:25 am, Peter Dettori wrote:
>>I am trying to build rtai-3.1-test5 with comedi support.  I have comedi
>>comedi-0.7.68 and comedilib-0.7.21 installed.
> Before I start I want to make something clear. The Comedi support that exists 
> in RTAI ala rtai-addons/comedi is for Comedi support within an LXRT task. If 
> you just want Comedi to use realtime interrupts or want to use comedi in a 
> kernel space realtime task then you should ignore all that Comedi stuff in 
> the RTAI distribution.

yes, I want to call comedi routines from an lxrt task.  I am not using 
comedi interrupts so that is not an issue in my case.

> Also it is important to note that comedi-0.7.68 doesn't have ADEOS support. So 
> it might be easier to use Comedi from CVS.

i presume this if if one wants to use realtime interrupts and such.

>>Here are the steps I had to follow to get it working:
>>1. cerate links in /usr/local/comedi to get the config (make menuconfig)
>>to work.
>>2. Then there were a few compile errors in the rtai-addons/comedi
>>directory which I got around by commenting some functions out of the
>>function entry table declared kcomedi-module.c.  See diffs below, which
>>also include modification for comedi.h inclusion in the header.
> Yeah... you can't do that... the problem you are having here is a common one, 
> and as far as I can tell an undocumented one. It looks like you are pointing 
> your link to your Comedilib headers, which is unfortunately not right. 
> Instead you want to use the headers from the Comedi source package.

should have guessed, thanks for the clarification.


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