New to RTAI

Currie Reid curriereid at
Fri Oct 1 18:24:04 CEST 2004

I am currently investigating real-time Linux solutions on a variety of
architectures, including ppc, i386, arm and mips, for a variety
of boards under each architecture.  Currently the best bet at this point
seems to be RTAI, but what flavour?  RTAI 3 seems to have support only for
i386 using ADEOS (trying to avoid RTLinux patent problems) but my first
board is ppc.  Does that mean I should go the Fusion route?  One of the
criteria that I've been asked to ensure is that whatever solution I come
up with works with a 2.6.x kernel.  Fusion seems to offer more in this
regard as it supports i386 and ppc under the 2.6 kernel without the sticky
RTLinux patent problems (again because of its ADEOS base).

Please excuse the newbie questions - I've tried to find the answers to
these questions on the site, but the project seems to be moving so quickly
that the documentation that is there is out of date.


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