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Tue Oct 5 08:55:37 CEST 2004

Hello Bin,

> RTAI has nanosecond sleep, but I'm looking for a nanosecond select().
> I think rtf_read_timed() is the closest function to select() in RTAI, but it
> only supports millisecond resolution.

rtf_read_timed() is AFAIK a function for use in *non* real-time context.

> I need a realtime "select()" which has nanosecond level sleep and can also
> listen to a pipe, which is created between the parent process and its child.

There is currently no select() implemented for RTAI. So currently the only way to wait on multiple resources is to either poll them frequently or to have one task for each resource.

> Am I missing something? Or is there another version "select" or any other
> way to implement that in RTAI?

There is a pre alpha version of a real-time select() implemented in the real-time driver model (RTDM) which is used by RTnet.

Best regards, Hans-Peter
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ISW - Universität Stuttgart, Seidenstraße 36, 70174 Stuttgart
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