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I am working together with Lars on the same project and so I will answer 
to your questions:

Roberto Bucher schrieb:

> [...]
> Did you start the examples in the test-suite (for example latency) in user and 
> kernel space? What happens with these examples?

The examples in kernel space run as well as the "switch"-example in user 
  space. The "latency-" and "preempt"-examples in users space result in 
a kernel divide error. For more information see my mail "Problem with 
user space examples in RTAI 3.1", posted just a few minutes ago.

> Which kernel and patch are you working with?

Kernel is vanilla 2.6.7, patched with the rthal patch from RTAI-3.1-test4.

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact me

Greetings from Wuppertal

Arne Linder

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