RTAI3.1 vxworks skin has a unsolved symbol

Gavin Li gavinl at optech.on.ca
Tue Oct 5 14:23:08 CEST 2004

As I compiled linux-2.4.27 with ADEOS support as a module for Pentium
system, I found the vxworks skin has a unsolved symbol, xn_arch_setimask.
I can't remember the exact function name, because I am not sitting beside
that machine, but the setimask must be correct. I found it several days ago,
I used another mail account, which is not registered to this mail list, to
send this problem, but I did find it appears in the mail list till today.

what I did is:

insmod adeos.o
insmod rtai_hal.o
insmod rtai_xeno.o  ??? is this the correct name? I just start to try
RTAI3.1 after long time ago start using RTAI24.1.10
insmod rtai_vxworks.o


another question:

the RTAI3.1 make menuconfig has a option, LTT support, 
I think it must be tested with whatever version of LTT, otherwise how come
the RTAI3.1 has been released?, so, where is the LTT patch for the kernel
that supported by RTAI3.1?

With a friendly regards,


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