Arne Linder alinder at uni-wuppertal.de
Tue Oct 5 15:06:20 CEST 2004

Roberto Bucher schrieb:
> Can you try to patch the kernel with the last patch from RTAI-3.1 and see what 
> happens? 

The result is the same. If you need the full kernel error-message please
contact me, so that I can send it to you directly. I cannot attach it to
this mail; otherwise my mail will become bigger then 10kB which will
cause the list's mailserver not to accept the mail because of the size
limit. That was indeed the problem we had when posting to the list.

> Another possibility: I had problems with the gcc from SuSE, and I migrated to 
> debian, but I know that Paolo work with SuSE without problems, but I don't 
> know exactly with wich gcc version.

We had a debian system here before and the reason we changed to SuSE
was, because we got those Oopses we now also have with SuSE. We thought,
this happened, because we installed and deinstalled a lot on the debian
system in that time, and so we changed to a SuSE system we set up from
scratch. Unfortunately I don't know any more, which version of kernel,
RTAI and gcc we used on that machine.

What is the gcc version you use?

Perhaps Paolo can tell us also, which SuSE version and which
kernel/RTAI/gcc he uses.

Best regards

Arne Linder

Dipl.-Ing. Arne Linder
Electrical Machines and Drives
Faculty of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering
Wuppertal University
D-42097 Wuppertal
e-mail: alinder at uni-wuppertal.de

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