maintaining 3.xes

Paolo Mantegazza mantegazza at
Tue Oct 5 18:23:19 CEST 2004


Since Philippe wants to concentrate on FUSION I will take over 
maintainership/development of RTAI-3.x.

In relation to the above I would like to point out that, as soon as LXRT 
has been ported to a single non x86 architecture, I will dismiss support 
for all kernel only schedulers: sched_up/mup/smp. They are of no use 
anymore on x86 already, users of such an architecture should concentrate 
on LXRT immediately. Recall that it does not mean you'll have to abandon 
kernel only applications, simply use LXRT for them also. FYI: here at 
DIAPM kernel only schedulers have been abandoned for years without 
tears. Notice also that if you ever ran any kernel space example in 
showroom, without changing the rough scripts there, then you used LXRT. 
So move, you'll lose nothing. It is just due to Philippe good will that 
they have been ported to 3.x. It should be enough to help the transition 
as, after splitting RTAI APIs from the scheduler, I never wrote a single 
line for kernel schedulers and never will.

In any case it will not be in a snap so there might still be a few 
releases ahead with the present content unchanged but you'd better take 
the remaining time for a change. Once the LXRT move is taken you'll have 
to stick to to previous releses only if you want to use sched_up/mup/smp 


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