can't boot after patching and recompiling the kernel

Zhang Yuchen y.zhang-4 at
Tue Oct 5 20:58:46 CEST 2004

Hi, all,
I got a strange problem after I patched my linux 2.4.26 with adeos (rtai-3.1) and recompiled it. My machine simple can't boot. It stops right after showing the message "loading linux............................bios check successfully". And then the screen is black forever and my system is totally dead. 
The cpu of my system is Celeron 2.40 GHz .For the processor type in the configuration file, I tried Pentium 4 and 386, both of which gave the same bad result.
And for the adeos support, I included it into the kernel. 

I also used the same configuration file for my laptop, and the recompiled kernel runs well. 

I am really confusing now, and hope someone can give me a clue. Thanks. 

Zhang Yuchen, MSc. Student
Control Lab.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of Twente 
The Netherlands

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