set_rt_fun_ext_index in RTAI3.1

kevin devries kevkdev at
Tue Oct 5 23:16:40 CEST 2004

To see if there was a problem with just the module I
was loading, I tried insmod'ing the rtai_serial.o file
to see if I got the same behavior. Here's the kernel

Oct  5 15:07:09 ocRgs kernel: TTY_INDX: 0, PORT: 3f8,
IRQ 4.
Oct  5 15:07:09 ocRgs kernel: TTY_INDX: 1, PORT: 2f8,
IRQ 3.
Oct  5 15:07:09 ocRgs kernel: # OF PORTS: 2, BUFFER
SIZE: 512.
Oct  5 15:07:09 ocRgs kernel: 14 is a wrong index
module for lxrt.

So I'm definately not setting something up properly. I
rebuilt RTAI just with the LXRT scheduler, whereas
before I was set up the SMP and LXRT. Any more insight
on this problem would be appreciated.

Attached is the RTAI configuration file.
I'm insmoding the following rtai modules before the
serial module:

rtai_usi                2176   0  (unused)
rtai_shm                5568   0  (unused)
rtai_fifos             28384   0  (unused)
rtai_mbx                6304   0  (unused)
rtai_sem               11328   0  [rtai_usi rtai_mbx]
rtai_tasklets           7552   0  [rtai_usi]
rtai_ksched            34656   0  [rtai_usi rtai_shm
rtai_fifos rtai_mbx rtai_sem rtai_tasklets]
rtai_hal                8800   0  [rtai_usi rtai_fifos
rtai_mbx rtai_sem rtai_tasklets rtai_ksched]


--- Paolo Mantegazza <mantegazza at>

> kevin devries wrote:
> > SMB, I believe. Have only a single processor. I'm
> wondering if it's a 
> > compile command issue; I ended up using the
> lxrtlib.a file, when I 
> > didn't for 24.1.13.
> > 
> Well I was misundrstood. In any case if you see iy
> as a dummy it means 
> you are using a kernel only scheduler. In fact such
> a function is not 
> needed in kernel space, being it meant for extending
> LXRT with users own 
>   APIs.
> Paolo.

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