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I don't think it has anything to do with the kind of development platform u
I've got similar problems with a 2.4.24 kernel and rtai 3.1. The latency
example in the testsuite crashes all the others work well. RTAI 3.0 on a
2.4.20 kernel isn't a problem at all. Unfortunately I don't have any
detailed information on the crashes. My system is a Fedora Core 2 and the
target is based on RH8.


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> Roberto Bucher schrieb:
> > Can you try to patch the kernel with the last patch from 
> RTAI-3.1 and see what 
> > happens? 
> The result is the same. If you need the full kernel 
> error-message please
> contact me, so that I can send it to you directly. I cannot 
> attach it to
> this mail; otherwise my mail will become bigger then 10kB which will
> cause the list's mailserver not to accept the mail because of the size
> limit. That was indeed the problem we had when posting to the list.
> > Another possibility: I had problems with the gcc from SuSE, 
> and I migrated to 
> > debian, but I know that Paolo work with SuSE without 
> problems, but I don't 
> > know exactly with wich gcc version.
> We had a debian system here before and the reason we changed to SuSE
> was, because we got those Oopses we now also have with SuSE. 
> We thought,
> this happened, because we installed and deinstalled a lot on 
> the debian
> system in that time, and so we changed to a SuSE system we set up from
> scratch. Unfortunately I don't know any more, which version of kernel,
> RTAI and gcc we used on that machine.
> What is the gcc version you use?
> Perhaps Paolo can tell us also, which SuSE version and which
> kernel/RTAI/gcc he uses.
> Best regards
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