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Wed Oct 6 15:52:21 CEST 2004

Yes, this also works. Thank you

On 10/06/2004 02:26 PM deepa.vijayaraghavan at wrote:
> Hi,
>    Since I did not have the libgcc_sf.a in the ELDK kit(3.0) that I 
have, I
> downloaded it from
> Luckily the
> platform was the same(ppc_4xx).
> And, I am able to do floating point now.
> Incase, this had not been the case, how do I build libgcc_sf.a? Are the
> sources part of ELDK?

Try the one in
The library in there is made with ELDK v1 for 8xx but I'm quite sure
that it works for ELDK3 and 4xx as well. Nevertheless, thanks for the 


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