IRQ handler

Thomas Jaehnert thomas.jaehnert at
Wed Oct 6 16:02:48 CEST 2004

Dear mailing list,

i have the following hardware layout:

PC with AMD XP1100+
PCI - Board which send a periodical interrupt
RTAI - version 3.0
kernel 2.4.24

My module consists of one periodic task and one IRQ-Handler for the pci 
board. the periodic task works fine in standalone. But when i enable the 
irq-handler the system halts immediately.

Is there anyone who can tell me what i have to do on the irq-handler start 
and end?
How can i turn of all irq's so that my irq handler isn't preempted?
Do I have to stop the scheduler in my irq-handler?
Can I enable an irq-handler from within a hard realtime task?

Thanks for answering


P.S. I use the module ksched.o for scheduling my realtime task

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