Synchronous Message Passing

Shravan Rayanchu rshravankumar at
Fri Oct 8 16:34:05 CEST 2004


This is what the setup is: 

I am writing a new system call, say connect. That is,
the user would make a call to connect. Now connect
would run in the kernel space.

inside connect {

I form a REQUEST and I want to send it to an RT Task.

Then wait for the corresponding CONFIRM to come.

then return the result to user ( result is given to me
by the RT Task in the form of a CONFIRM structure).

Problem :
1. What should be data structure to be used to pass
the information

2. What should be the WAIT mechanism?

There many be many connects issued. How should I
handle the corresponding confirms? Can I solve this
with a FIFO queue. Synchronous message passing
facility (RPC) is provided but it requires that both
the ends are RT Tasks. But for me : on one side there
is an RT Task and on the other side the Linux kernel
(system call)

Pls help me!

Thanks in advance,



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