rtf_create_handler again

Hannes Mayer h.mayer at inode.at
Mon Oct 11 18:23:11 CEST 2004

Jose Antonio Sanchez wrote:
> Sorry to insist, but I don't know what to do. I don't
> know if I'm not getting response because nobody knows
> how to solve it or because it's so easy to solve that
> it's a waste of time to answer a newbie this
> questions, but I can't do anything to solve it.
> I'm getting an unresolved symbol on compile time
> everytime I call rtf_create_handler on rtai 3.1 I've
> compiled it with the three inline modes, and it's the
> same on everyone of them. I've looked rtai_fifos.h and
> rtai_fifos.c and that function it's there. Maybe I'm
> passing the handler the wrong way? What is the correct
> way to do that? What is the right prototype for a
> handler? Could it be that I'm using it with lxrt
> instead of a module?
> I'm lost. I don't know what's the problem. I don't
> know if it's a bug of RTAI or not. Please, if somebody
> knows anything, if someone has used it anytime, could
> you please tell me how did you do it? how your
> makefile was? what handler prototype did you use?
> Thanks.


I have the FIFO example from rtai.org with Makefile etc. here:

I don't use rtf_create_handler, but rtf_create.
Maybe it helps.

Best regards,

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