Problems with PC-104

Roberto Bucher roberto.bucher at
Tue Oct 12 09:06:25 CEST 2004

In order to perform nanocontrol we built a system with a PC-104 and a self 
made sincos acquisition card. Now we have the following problem. Using a 
PC-104 from Digital Logic the system works correctly without problems. By 
subsituting the PC-104 with another PC-104 from Jumptec, the sincos is not 
read correctly. In both cases we have a Linux RTAI-3.1 kernel (2.4.24-adeos) 
compiled as 586.

System 1: PC-104 Digital Logic , Pentium III, 700Mhz
System 2: PC-104 Jumptec, Celeron, 300MHz

It seems to be a problem with the bus of the PC-104 from Jumptec.

Compiling the kernel as "Celeron" doesn't correct the problem. 

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


University of Applied Sciences
of Southern Switzerland
Dept CS & EE

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