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Tue Oct 12 17:26:02 CEST 2004

But in that way I get static data every time someone
pushes a button. In my application I need the data to
show on screen continuously, so comunication with the
real time process (Data adquisition process) has to be
continuous and it can't depend on the user
interaction. That's why I'm using file handlers to get
the data. I need some kind of synchronization between
the real time process and the user land process in
order to get data continuously showing on screen on
"real time".
I could create a thread only to poll a message box,
but it's going to execute always no matter if there is
data or not. It's better to have a handler that tells
the application wether it has to execute something or
 --- "AlbertoSechi at libero.it" <AlbertoSechi at libero.it>
> Hi, i'm using RTAI with a GUI developed with Glade.
> I have a user space program
> that contains all rtai functions in order to acquire
> data from DAQ boards. I
> can comunicate with my GUI (via net_rpc because my
> application is distributed)
> simply writing a comunication function in
> callbacks.c file that is activated by
> a signal handler.
> For example when I click "Connect" button the
> communication thread is created
> and data can be read receiving a message from
> control task that is running. In
> this way I can show data acquired from DAQ boards.
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> Alberto Sechi   
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