what's the sequence to compile rtai?

Arne Linder alinder at uni-wuppertal.de
Wed Oct 13 14:21:02 CEST 2004


王凯 schrieb:
> The kernel I'm using is 2.4.20-8(RH9) now.
> linux kernel source is /usr/src/linux-
> rtai source is /usr/src/rtai-3.1
> The step I tried is:
> 1) cd /usr/src/linux-
>     bzip2 -dc ./patch- | patch -p1   // linux patch
>     patch -p1 
> </usr/src/rtai-3.1/rtai-core/arch/i386/patches/hal7-    // 
> rtai patch
> 2) make menuconfig  // congfig the linux kernel
> 3) make -f ../rtai-3.1/makefile srctree=../rtai-3.1  // execute the 
> command in README.INSTALL
> Then it showed an error:
> configure: error: Please unset CONFIG_MODVERSIONS for 
> /usr/src/linux- and rebuild your kernel
> What does this error mean? And what should I do?
> And what to do after step (3)? Is it all done after that, and what I 
> need to do is just reset my PC?

Between steps 2 and 3 you have of course to compile you patched kernel
(make && make modules_install) and install it afterwards. The
installation procedure depends on the bootloader you are using.

Hope that helps

Arne Linder

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