fs problems with lxrt?

root daniele.lugli at fastwebnet.it
Wed Oct 13 16:30:15 CEST 2004

> Well Daniele, for me 24.1.12 is prehistory :-).
> Notice also that I'm pushing LXRT in relation to the latest 3.x 
> development lane.
> With such a version the problem you report happens just if you reboot 
> with the modules installed. Since, if you are able to type "reboot", it 
> means the machine is sane, there should be no problem rmmoding the RTAI 
> stuff you have installed and avoid the dev busy problem.
> In any case when LXRT will be the only scheduler in use I'll care of it 
> a bit more.
> Paolo.
Paolo, if you read my message you'll see that I have the same problem
with 3.1 too (I discovered the problem on 3.1, as you can see also from
the previous discussion thread, then I made some investigations with
24.1.12 to see if something is different).
Moreover the problem I am speaking of is in no way related to rebooting
with modules installed.
Anyway I confirm that for now this problem is not critical for me. I am
just trying to give my small contribution to debug (as I did in the past
Ciao, Daniele

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