Memory leak?

Peter van den Bosch pvdb at
Thu Oct 14 07:46:25 CEST 2004

Hi list,

I run Linux vesuvio (RTAI-3.1-test4) compiled for Duron and 
noticed that when running user space programs they seem to not return 
all the used memory! I did the following with the user/preempt example:

grep MemFree < /proc/meminfo
./run (CTRL-C)
grep MemFree < /proc/meminfo

which results in 300kB less free memory every time! With the result that 
running the program several hundreds of times it won't start anymore 
because of lack of memory :-(
I also noticed this with my own programs. Is this a known problem or 
some mistake of mine?


BTW: just tested kern/preempt behaves the same way, only with 200kB of 

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